Play reading schedule 

The Green Room

Wyong Grove Theatre

1 North Rd, Wyong

Wednesday 19th Feb 2020

Play readings for one act plays being 

considered for our reboot of the Central Coas

Theatrefest this June long weekend.

1.  "One Crowded Hour"  

written and presented by our own Sally Bartley

The cast: 2m, 4f
Martyn: male, Community Theatre Director, 

approx. 40-60

Cathy: female, serious actress, approx.. 30-50

Clara: female, very competitive Community Theatre 

Director, approx.. 30-60

Jillian: female, a first time actress, approx.. 18-25

Simon: male, a hopeless oblivious type, approx. 30-50

Lisa: female, a bit of a diva, approx.. 30-50

2. "Good Help"    presented by Nikki De Vries

1 male approx. 30 to 60

1 male age open

3. "Albert"    a comedy, presented by Howard Oxley

2 males  (any age)

1 female (au pair, 18 - 25)