Play reading schedule 

The Green Room

Wyong Grove Theatre

1 North Rd, Wyong

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Play readings for one act plays being 

considered for our reboot of the Central Coas

Theatrefest this June long weekend.

Our next play reading on Wednesday 11th March at 7.30pm in the Green Room at Wyong Grove:

'Gossamer' –  by John Misto 1997  (who also wrote plays we have done with great success:  "The Harp on the Willow" and "Shoehorn Sonata")

Presented by Andy Kabanoff:

'Gossamer' is John Misto's wonderfully funny, quirky, supernatural and largely historical play about the Cottingley Fairies and the girls who photographed them, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who desperately wanted to believe they were true, and Harry Houdini who was determined to prove they were fakes. At about the same time as Misto wrote this play a film 'Fairy Tale – A True Story' was produced, covering the same historical events but in a very different way. For this reason, I think, the Misto play has rarely been produced since it debuted at the Ensemble Theatre in 1997. But, having seen the original production and the film, there's no doubt that Misto wins hands down.

The play spans from the 1920s to the 1990s and has many characters. The Ensemble performed it with a cast of four. If we were to produce this I think we'd want about 6 males and 6 females.

If you come to the reading there'll be plenty of roles to share around.